How We Work

We conduct workplace investigations into a wide variety of employment related matters. In doing so, we act as a neutral, arms-length party and provide unbiased conclusions and recommendations.

Our investigations are thorough, comprehensive and appropriate in the circumstances. We ensure that all investigations are conducted up to the standards required by arbitrators, administrative tribunals and courts, as applicable.

When we conduct investigations, we seek to maintain the confidentiality of all involved parties to the extent possible, and are cognizant of reputational risks that may arise. We complete investigations in a timely manner and aim to be as least disruptive to the workplace as possible.

Following the completion of the investigation, we issue a written report setting out our findings and conclusions. We also provide workplace remediation services and/or sensitivity or other training, as required.

Range of Work

We conduct investigations throughout Ontario in all sectors and industries, in both unionized and non-union workplaces and organizations, into the following:

  • Discrimination and Accommodation
  • Workplace harassment, including sexual harassment and harassment related to a protected ground (Human Rights)
  • Bullying / Poisoned work environment
  • Workplace violence
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Theft
  • Policy violations
  • Health and Safety (OHSA) breaches and complaints
  • AODA
  • Conflict of interest
  • Statutory breaches
  • Reprisal (under statute or workplace policy)
  • Public Complaints / Provision of Services

In addition to investigations into specific complaints, we also conduct workplace assessments.
We can determine whether the general work environment and culture may pose a risk.  We advise on all of the above areas as well.