Consulting and Advice for Employees

Whether you are starting a new position or have been in your employment long-term, we know that issues or questions can arise. From negotiating a new employment contract, to ensuring your rights are protected when you take a leave of absence, to ensuring your departure from employment is legally compliant, we are here to provide you with advice and support in all areas of your employment relationship.

We provide advice across all employment issues, including the following:

  • statutory compliance (e.g. minimum employment standards, human rights, health and safety, AODA, etc.)
  • employment contracts
  • employment status (independent contractors)
  • executive compensation
  • contract negotiation and drafting
  • employee privacy
  • attendance management
  • disability and leave laws
  • termination of employment, including constructive dismissal


  • lay-off
  • overtime, hours of work, excluded employees
  • working from home
  • accommodation and medical information
  • medical marijuana
  • misconduct and discipline
  • restrictive covenants and wrongful competition
  • whistleblower
  • voluntary exit / early retirement programs

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